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LGCS 2017 Spring Recreation Softball

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Each player in the LGCS softball program receives a uniform set, coaching, access to professional preseason clinics and 11+ weeks of practices and games.
Clinics start in January. Practices usually start in early February. Games will start March 4th and run through May 20th.

Clinics and Training: The league offers professionally run pitching, catching, batting and defensive clinics. There are a limited number of spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis, based on signing up at time of registration. Make sure to answer the clinic questions during the registration process and note the dates of the clinics you sign up for. Clinic registrations will not appear on your registration receipt.

Coaching and Parent Involvement: LGCS has a dedicated group of coaches and other parent volunteers. If you have an interest in helping out please fill out the appropriate questions in the registration process to join our crew.

Families are expected to volunteer at the snack shack, softball appreciation day or other league events. League officials will be sending out volunteer shift availabilities once we get closer to the start of the season. Volunteer help is highly encouraged in lieu of a volunteer buyout. In case a buyout is not purchased, you will be expected to fulfill volunteer requirements or you will be charged the buyout amount.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Los Gatos Cupertino Saratoga Softball,

For more information, visit the Los Gatos-Cupertino-Saratoga Softball website at


Registration Information  

The following items will be needed to help complete registration:

  • Name, address and telephone number of child’s doctor.

  • Medical insurance policy name and medical record number.

  • An emergency phone number in addition to home and work

If your child is new to the league you will need to provide a copy of their official birth certificate. Email a copy to .   For returning players, please review and update the information we have on file when registering, especially school, medical info and contact information.


Divisions of Play

A Grades PreK, K, 1st

This division is designed to teach girls the basic fundamentals of softball. Scores are not kept. All girls will bat off their own team's pitcher (coach or manager). After 3 pitches, the girls will bat off the "T". Everyone bats and plays the field in each inning so that girls can develop good sportsmanship and team spirit. This division is for girls to have fun while getting a chance to play the game.  Players will be placed on teams based on friend requests and school.

AA Grades 2nd/3rd

This division is to help the girls learn and improve their softball skills. Batters will have a chance to hit from a player pitcher in addition to coach pitching. Players will be placed on teams based on friend requests and school.

AAAGrades 4th/5th

This division introduces the girls to regulation softball.  There is a combination of player and coach pitching, stealing of bases is allowed (one at a time) but dropped third strike and infield fly are not used.  Players will be assigned to teams through tryouts and a draft. Friend requests are considered, but competitive balance takes priority.

AAAA Grades 6th/7th/8th (Middle School)
At this level of play, the division follows most ASA championship guidelines. LGCS allows all players batting in the line-up and has an open defensive substitution policy.  Players will be assigned to teams through tryouts and a draft. Friend requests are considered, but competitive balance takes priority.